Primarily based along the non-secular members of the Western United States. Favorite of Celebrities and West Coast corporate elite.


Loyal consumers of the MegaCorp by the same name. Simplified blend of eastern philosophy. Tenent involves strict vegan diet, even after the advent of labfood, and calls for regular meditation and exercise. Primarily based in Northwest and Northeast United states and Canada.


South west United States, Mexico, and South America. Largest Religion in the World. Vatican relocated to Rio de Janerio after the evacuation of Rome.

Born-Born Again Movement

Current manifestation of Evangelical Christian following the rejection of the overt commercialization of the Born Again/Tea Party Movements. Believes in a literal translation of the bible, cultural isolation, and preaches the rejection of technology. Analogous to a more militant Mennonite community. Often associated with acts of right wing terrorism. Compounds can be found throughout midwest and southern America.

New Islam

Similar to the Protestant Reformation, New Islam is based on personal interpretation of the Koran. Founded during the establisment of ISIL, and it’s subsequent occupation by Israel, it rapidly spread throughout the middle east, africa, and southeast asia. it regards Osama Bin Laden and the founding members of ISIL almost equal to prophets. The Movement is largely contained by the more secular interest in he Middle East, it has been mostly reduced to domestic acts of terrorism. Similar to the BBM movement in southern and central United States.


Prevalent throughout the United States, Canda, Europe, the Middle East, and China.


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