I have a very important, very powerful client in America who wishes to preform a series of tasks. For all the obvious reasons, he wishes to remain anonymous and

You will have jobs in New York, Las Vegas, Bay City, and LA.

(If they refuse, Need I remind you that you have bombs in your heads, you don’t have the luxury to refuse.)

Here is what I propose, We whip up some media-passes for you guys, we send you in to do some bullshit fluff pieces around the Coalition that we are claiming are for cultural educational purposes. American’s like it when they can get other people to pay for their propaganda, so it should work fine. you get in, you get out, you move on. Bing Bang boom, we all make a mint.

Il Platador will host. Dutch, Rick, and RedHood will be your crew. Vera will be the intern, and we’re also going to put her on an exchange scholarship with NYU to make the whole thing look legit for all those nosey motherfuckers that want to look too far into things.



Broadway musical Salvatore about Salvatore Abantano





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