the unveiling of heroin heroin heroin baked beans and heroin

There are few pieces of art that have capture raw emotion quite like Heroin heroin heroin baked beans and heroin. It’ll be remembered probably of the defining art piece of the current era. It is the hunger pain of a starving planet. It is the manifestation of a lie to deep to ever be unheard; the vanity of it all in the face of a truth that can never be spoken. It is a cry for help and an aching whisper emanating from the bowels of the planet, a stark reminder and testament to the impossibility of existence. It has a way of capturing the gaze and blotting out all other things from memory. It is both beautiful and horrible to behold. Tears fill the eyes of onlookers and they don’t know why, a woman feigns. A child vomits. Many overt their eyes as they cannot bear to stare upon it too long, yet always lingering back to its unnerving magnetic thrall.

TheZaxx emerges from his room, walks quietly to the bar and pours himself a glass of water and then sits down in the stunned silence.

Willsave to resist crying

Deal with the South East Asian Pirate Tongs

Does anyone speak Cantonese?

Oh good, this should be painless.


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