Mute Computers
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The atmosphere of the game I’d like to create is the vein Magical realism along the lines of authors like Kurt Vonnegutt, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or Salman Rushdie

La Cosa Nuova,
Our New thing,

Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the almighty dollar

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It is the dawn of the twenty second century. The world is an amalgam of Huxleian and Orwellian dogma played true to life. Sex and drugs are ubiquitous, as is surveillance, draconian order, and near constant propaganda.

The foundation of this society lies in irrevocable data, digital information that cannot be edited, copied, or in any way altered, as such it is the media of the one world digital currency, the dollar, as well as the only digital information that is admissible in the court of law or public opinion.

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You live in Italia Libero, Free Italy, the world’s last and most effective experiment in anarchy.




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