The Last Century

.2016 Hilary Clinton (D) elected to the first of two terms
.2017 Clinton Doctrine enacted, Iraq Re-dedication
.2020 Palestinian uprising, ISIL invades Israel.
.2021 War spreads to Iran and Jordan. ISIL quickly defeated.

End of the Middle East Geopolitical Era

.2022 China repeals One Child Policy, Marijuana declassified federally from Schedule I narcotic
.2024 Julian Castro (D) elected to the first of two terms
.2025 North Korea collapses, annexed by China
.2030 Iranian Israeli Protectorate established during reconstruction.
.2031 Tesla Visioneering incorporated
.2032 Tesla buys Detroit, New Detroit reconstruction begins
.2033 Catalonia separates from Spain to full EU member status, EU grants member status to Turkey and Switzerland
.2034 Monsanto Corn Scandal changes name to Heartland
.2036 Greece defaults, China begins asserting authority over South East Asia
.2038 Spain defaults, End of the War on Drugs in the West
.2039 Born-Born Again Movement begins in Lexington, Kentucky
.2040 Bank of America and Citigroup merge forming Amerigroup, Consumer Assurance Act enacted

Age of the Megaconglomerates and Dawn of Corporate Society

.2041 Sozialordnung imposed in Greece and Spain
.2042 Progressive Party emerges on West Coast, United States become three party system, Democratic Primary shifts to the central campaign, Prostitution legalized. Adulthood In America

Italy separates from EU

.2043 Vladimir Putin dies, age 91
.2044 Switzerland, Belarus, and Norway joins EU,
.2045 Heartland becomes a Megacorp, China annexes Mongolia
.2046 US Army privatized. Direct Action becomes a Megacorp
.2050 Canada, the United States, and Mexico form North American Federation (NAF), Anti-Cartel operations begin in Central and South America
.2052 Tesla Visioneering and SpaceX replace ISS with John Glenn Orbital Habitat. (JGOH)
.2054 Google buys Apple, Becomes Megacorp, America invades Guatemala
.2056 International Cybercrime begins to rise
.2057- America invades Nicaragua, Panama joins NAF

.2059 – Assassination of Presidential Candidate Salvatore Abantano, The Tumultuous Sixties begins

.2060- China begins colonizing Africa
.2061- Great Oil Crisis
.2062- Irrevocable Data invented
.2063- Russian Federation Collapses
.2065- NAF voids paper money,
.2066- Tesla Visoneering becomes Megacorp,
..2067- Tumoltous Sixties ends. Cosa Nuova victorious, Italy divided into Regional Provinces

the Modern Renaissance begins, Retrobeatnik and Hypersurrealist art movements emerge in Italy

.2068- Australia joins EU
.2069- Tesla Visioneering founds Moon Colony One
.2072- Sen. Sam Cheney Jr. (D) elected for the first of three terms
.2073- DeepThought released by Leung Enterprises
.2075- Collapse of Google
.2076- Collapse of the Internet

.2077- Latina Nuclear Powerplant disaster
.2078- 1/8 population of Central Italy dies of leukemia, dubbed the Red Death

.2080- China annexes South Korea, Direct Action Invades Colombia, figthing quickly spreads throughout South America.
.2081-Japan initiates Moto Protocol, begins period of isolation, Direct Action expands into Venezuela
.2082- Leung Enterprises release DeepSpace; becomes Megacorp
.2090- Argentina and Chile joins NAF, Coalition of Americas (CoA) established
.2095- China invades Afghanistan
.2097- YellowJester incident

KUKA Valencian Cyberbull Scandal

The Last Century

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