Nations and Megacorps

The American government is an organization whose singular purpose is to convert tax payer money to into corporate subsidies.

AAA Conglomerates:



Direct Action

Tesla Visioneering

Leung Enterprises

AA Subsidiaries:

McDonalds (Heartland)
WalMart (Amerigroup)
Coca-Cola (Amerigroup)
Tinsel Town (Amerigroup)
Valve (Leung Enterprises)
HealthyLiving (Heartland)
Space X, Tesla Motors, Amazon Delivery, Solar City (Tesla Visioneering)

The EU is governed in large part by th Sozialordung model, a modern German political philosophy and EU response to the American Consumer Assurance Act and the rise of Corporate Society

People’s Republic of China has largely remained unchanged for the last 100 years, only having grown vastly more populous.

What parts of Africa that aren’t divided up between the chinese, the UAS, and the French, is ruled by local warlords.

Nations and Megacorps

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