The constant exposure to escalating advertising campaigns, everything is big and loud in the 2100. The sex and drug trade is legal everywhere the PRC isn’t,and they are prolific in society. Everything is also pretty much globalized around an American dominated Western Culture, again excluding China, who has adopted isolationist policies toward the import of western entertainment and news.

The top Number 1 international single is “President while Black” by a Retrobeatnik Canadian-American-Tunisian and South African Band based in Naples called Cockblocked by Hitler. Their debut album is called RAT PATROL.

For the last sixty years, society has been restructured into what is commonly refered to as Corporate Society with the dawning of the megaconglomerates and the passage of the Consumer Assurance Act.

Most other nations developed some variation of that model.

Germany and the EU’s Sozialordung.
and the Cosa Nuova in Italy

In Italy, and throughout most of the world, literacy is not a given, and in the Era of DeepSpace and thought based commuting, it isn’t particularly necessary. Information is very often conveyed in easily understood pictures, animations, and symbols.

DeepSpace is the method of massive communication. In VR it connects the entire world with the blink of an eye, in AR it assists in nearly function of day to day life.

Subcultures are vast and varied.



TrashPeople- the dregs of society embracing each other in their almost universal ostracism from decent, normal human beings. Social evolution of juggalos.

FanNerds- Gender Neutral adaptation of fanboys. Nearly Every sub-subculture has its own name and brand and DS Hub. Those who subscribe to certain authors, cooking shows, DS games, political philosophies, and pornography, self identify by their loyalty to their brand. Social evolution of bronies, furries, trekkies, etc.


DeepSpacers hackers and virtual lifers, computing geeks, and trolls

ClubKids Clubhop from Rio to Koln to Seatle to Hongkong in a single nights tear. Meet up with Friends from across the globe at your favorite Hub. Indulge in DeepDrugs and Party it up.


Transhumanists advocates of cybridization for the eventual push to full body prosthetic and virtual life.

Typical East Coast followers of HealthyLiving

Scientologists are a well established primary west coast religious group, though have been on a decline of late, losing many converts to HealthyLiving.

Any subgroup that can exist, does exist.

Celebrity news and gossip is still strongly followed and is in high demand. Outside harassment has driven most entertainment celebrities to move to a secure compound just outside of Hollywood, La Kastelo, and become increasingly isolated. Paparazzi go to great lengths to secure candid recordings of celebrity life and even becomes celebrities in their own right.

The independent entertainment industry is located primarily in either Napoli or Juno, AK, the later emerging after the Latina Powerplant disaster. Commercially produced media is centered in LA, New York, and Paris.

Pornography is ubiquitous and commonplace, appearing in public advertisements, sporting events, and news feeds. Both the sex and drug trade is legal and highly regulated in most of the world.



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