The most extensive and well organized criminal enterprise is the Cosa Nuova, consisting off of illegal gambling, loansharking, prostitution, black market drug and arms trade, cybertheft, and counterfeiting. Wiith operations all over the world, all Cosa Nuova activities are considered legal within their provinces. The familes of Free Italy act as a gateway between East and West in the traffic of many illicit items.

The remnants of the Russian Mafia have fled west as China co-opts more and more of their territory, now only a shadow of its former self, it has tried it’s best to carve a small niche into eastern Europe, Turkey, and the Balkans.

The intricate alliance of Tong Syndicates of Southeast Asia surpassed the Triads as the most powerful criminal organization in the People’s Republic by the 2050’s and have spread their activities to Chinese East Africa. Run counterfeit goods, cheap weapons, endangered animals, and human trafficking.

I new generation of first and second generation Chinese African Tongs have emerged as a competing force in the region. Run similar operations to local Southeast Asian Tongs

Occupied South American Guerrillas and Cartels have mostly been eradicated. Though pockets of resistance are still operating.

Skilled or foolish Hackers from all over the world regularly attempt varying forms of Cybercrime.

Though drugs are legal in the western nation, retail drugs are so dilute and weak, a thriving black market for more pure drugs has reemerged. Drug Trafficking of any kind remains illegal in all Chinese territories.

Amateur Terrorist attacks occur sporadically all over the world, usual as the work of one or a small group of people, engineered with readily available items. Mass Shootings are rare, and almost always involve illegal manual firearms. Most are detonated home made explosives. Reason varied, though popular with extremist right wing militants all over the world.

Human trafficking persists as always, bolstered by a strong black market Organ Trade.


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