Cosa Nuova

The New Thing.

Arising out of the chaos of the Italian Civil War between the government and the mafia, a new class of criminal organization formed from a collection of anarchists, cybercriminals, and low level members of organized crime. Taken advantage of the weakened state of both parties. This loose alliance under the leadership of Leonardo ‘CESARE’ Aprea, a young Sicilian assassin, and his top general Corado ‘MARCANT’ Marchone, a napoletano mercenary and street thug.

Together with other regional leaders, they pioneered many of the innovations in criminal enterprise that are standard today. Omerta implants.

Their operations were funded by the large scale cybercrime that destroyed the internet, and risky high yield thefts, and remained largely a secret until it emerged admist the Italy’s war against organized crime instigated by the assassination of Presidential Candidate Salvatore Abantano in 2059. The Cosa Nuova emerged victorious in the ending years of the following decade and carved up the peninsula among themselves along provincial boundaries.

Though the Cosa Nuova is centered in Free Italy, or Liber Italia. Their operations extend all over the world with a heavy influence in the Balkans, Turkey, and North Africa. Tunis is itself an almost autonomous lawless city state within the weak United Arab States. It controls the markets and organized crime throughout the continent of Africa, and is directly under Italian influence.

The Cosa Nuova has a tenuous relationship with the South East Asian and Chinese African Tong Syndicates, and formerly the Central and South American Gurellia forces during the years of those conflicts.

The alliance among Cosa Nuova families are quite strong, being toward the end of the first generation. Each family relatively content to govern his domain. That being said, sands often shift, and no family passes up an opportunity to take advantage where they present themselves.

Cosa Nuova

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